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2012 Student Learning Awards

As another means of further celebrating and acknowledging the wonderful achievements of our students, our school acknowledges and works in partnership with the Kiwanis Club through its 'Terrific Kids' program. The program awards students per term with the Terrific Kids Award. The Kiwanis Club very generously provides the recipients with a certificate and the school provides a $20 book voucher.

What is Terrific Kids?

Being young leaders through practicing good character and good citizenship.

Terrific Kids is a student recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem, and perseverance. Students work with their classroom teacher and establish goals to improve behaviour, peer relationships, attendance, or schoolwork. Students then work toward achieving the goal during a specific time period. The teachers and principal determine the best schedule for recognition.

TERRIFIC is an acronym meaning: Thoughtful Enthusiastic Respectful Responsible Inclusive Friendly Inquisitive Capable

More info on Mount Barker South K-Kids go to the link.